Solomos Square
If you find yourself in the square at dusk with its beautiful colours from the sunset, sea and palm trees you may feel that you're somewhere exotic, here it is a haven for relaxation, pleasure and play. The square is full of statues of important figures of the island including Dionysios Solomos (hence the name of the square), the poet Ugo Foscolo, the composer Paul Karrer and the Statue of Liberty. The square is also surrounded by beautiful buildings including the Byzantine Museum, the library, the Cultural Centre and the Church of Saint Nicholas that of which is one of the three buildings that survived the earthquake of 1953.
Solomos Square is a favorite meeting place for both locals and visitors, for both the young and old, it is here where seniors gather to discuss whatever happens to be on their minds, couples stroll hand in hand and teenagers simply hang out.

The Venetian Castle
The Venetian Castle, on Bohali hill on the outskirts of Zante town, was built in 1480 but only shortly afterwards part of it was destroyed by invading Turks. From 1514 onwards it was repaired and at one point it became the capital of the island. The castle is in ruins today but it is still worth visiting as there are exceptional views of Zakynthos town below and across the Ionian Sea to the Peloponnese region of Greece.
Before the Castle was built, there once stood an acropolis on the same sight. The gate of entrance clearly shows the Venetian influence as the Venetian symbol 'The lion of Saint Mark' is evident.
The Castle is set amongst pine trees and is a lovely place to visit, for a better understanding of Zakynthian history, the splendid views and also the atmosphere - one of tranquillity.

The Square of Saint Mark
The Square of Saint Mark has great historical importance for Zakynthos. It was the most important meeting place for literary figures, as they went there to exchange opinions. Many historical events recorded in history and have marked the political evolution of the island started in this area. Here, in 1797, the Popolari burned the Libro D `Oro (golden book) of the noble people.
It took its name from the church of St. Mark that was founded in 1518 and is the only Catholic Church in Zakynthos. In the square, there was the historical casino of the island, a meeting place for the liberals and the center of social life. After the devastating earthquake of 1953, it was destroyed and in its place the Museum of Dionysios Solomos and Eminent people of Zakynthos was built, which is now the most important building of the square.
The Square of St. Marcos is connected to Solomos Square with a paved pedestrian street. Today, the square hosts a number of celebrations and cultural events and attracts many visitors throughout the year. There are many restaurants and cafes to enjoy a pleasant stroll and the square is worth a visit during your vacation.

Bochali is a village and a community in the southern part of the island of Zakynthos. It is part of the municipal unit of Zakynthos (city). In 2011 its population was 876 for the village, and 1,143 for the community, including the villages Akrotiri and Kydoni. It is situated on a hill near the Ionian Sea coast, 1 km northwest of Zakynthos city centre and 1.5 km east of Gaitani.

Faros Keri (lighthouse)
Keri is one of the most scenic destinations at the South of the island and is formed by Keri Lake by the sea and a traditional village at the top of the hill. Limni Keriou (Keri lake) took its name by the wetland that is still home to many animal and plant species. Down by the narrow strip of shore and the pedestrianised walk along the sea front you can find many local tavernas, cafes and bars to choose from. From the small port you can hire a boat, visit Keri Caves and dive into the cool crystal clear turquoise waters. Back at the small and quiet village of Keri at the top of the hill you can enjoy the simple joys of village life like hand-made coffee at the local kafeneion and a stroll among the small cobbled streets and traditional stone houses. You can also enjoy the magnificent views of Myzithres, two large rocky formations in the sea, viewed by the Faros (lighthouse).