Shortly after Louha we have Gyri, another charming mountain village with traditional architecture that survived the earhtwuake of 1953. Here you can take a walk through the cobblestoned alleys and admire the old stone houses with their landscaped gardens or stop for something to drink or eat at the picturesque village taverna. While visiting Gyri you can really feel at one with nature as it is located at the top of a hill and surrounded by dense forests, when leaving the village admire the unique mountainous view that stretches as far as the sea.

Around the village:

Porto Limnionas
- A beautiful rocky bay with clean, clear blue waters.
As with Porto Roxa, Porto Limnionas is also a fiord, and it is stunning! When diving into the crystal clear, wild rocky waters prepare yourself to be penetrated by the cold currents and admire the beautiful purple, green and yellow colours of the rocks that surround you, here its is perfect for snorkeling and there are also some caves for you to investigate. There is no shade and no where for you to put an umbrella so be prepared for the blazing sun, which not only beats down on you but is reflected off the encompassing rocks. There is a taverna here from which you can buy any supplies that you may need such as water and then after you have enjoyed your refreshing dip stay for a bite to eat and take in the view and admire the rugged landscape.

Porto Roxa
Prepare yourself for a swim in the cold waters of the beautiful, wild, rugged, natural fiord that is Porto Roxa! Climb the steps, reach the rocks, brace yourself for the burning sun and then swim in the crystal clear sea. If you can't stand the heat of the sun you are able to rent umbrellas from the tavernas, from here you can also purchase any supplies you may require. Dive into the sea here from the rocks or if you are daring enough from the small spring board that is approximately four meters above the water. The seabed is ideal for snorkelling!

The mountains
The mountains of Zakynthos is actually just one mountain called Braxionas. Start your journey from Lithakia (Zakyhtos town to lithakia is about 30min drive) follow the road that climbs up on the mountain is a straightforward road which at it farthest end finishes in Volimes. Every village you will pass over it has a unique pictorial beauty. A nice idea will be early in the morning to head towards Loucha have a refreshment there and maybe a small walk in the beautiful valley. Later one, when the heat of the sun is becoming quite tough move on to Porto Limniona or Roxa. You can stay there till the end of your day. The restaurants offer excellent local food with an amazing view of the sunset. Although even more interesting is to dine on a restaurant at Sxiza. The place offers dramatic views over the cliffs good restaurants and a unique sunset view. Coming back from Sxiza is a good 1 hour drive